Guadalupe: A River of Life

Guadalupejo River and Town of Guadalupe – Extremadura, Spain

A River of Light” is a short book. The idea was to pack a lot of information in only a few pages so readers were not intimidated by a thick volume. The book is a fire starter because it poses several interesting questions: was St Luke the painter of the Tilma? Was the conquest of Mexico a sign, one of a number of eschatological scale models presented to us through history around the image found in St Luke’s grave? etc. The Sacred Tilma is exciting, it is a truly extraterrestrial object that has entered our universe. That is what Dr. Richard Khun, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1938, Jewish Atheist found out. He could not find WHAT the colors were… the atomic number of those elements does not fit anything in the Periodic Table of Elements (Mendeleyev’s Table).  Khun was intrigued, he spent the years of World War II safely in Mexico, studying the image, as a result he became a Catholic. The Nobel Prize took the long way of reason and knowledge to “see” the Tilma but he arrived at the same conclusion those nine million Mexican natives reached in the XVI century. The Tilma is an eye opener, a book, a Gospel, a graphic depiction of the Apocalypse and many other things. The three men involved in the revelation of the Tilma are called “Juan” (Eng. John, Hebr. Yohanan יוֹחָנָן‎) Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, Juan de Zumárraga (the Bishop) and Juan Gonzalez (the translator). John the Apostle is called the Eagle, one of the Sons of Thunder in the Gospel. Juan Diego’s original name Cuauhatloatzin means “he who speaks like an eagle”. Many fascinating coincidences happen around the Sacred Tilma but the essential message is simple: “God exists, He is the God of the Christians, His Church is the Catholic Church and no other, He has trusted Mary of Nazareth to prepare His people.” There is no way anyone can explain the many astonishing messages that are still unfolding. Only recently I have learned that a piece of music with a rather eery melody was found codified in the image. I heard the melody and it reminded me of a piece written by a Brazilian artist years ago. That melody was written using the metric and notes found in a recording of a pulsar. A pulsar is a different kind of celestial object but what I care about here is only the melody. A quasar is a “quasi-stellar radio source” located near the edge of our universe, emitting exceptionally large amounts of energy that reaches us after traveling millions of years, it can be seen as a star in a telescope.  Augusto de Campos and Caetano Veloso heard the radio signature of a pulsar and composed a piece of music around it. You can hear it in the first video here.

A bit more recently, someone found that the stars shown on the mantle of Santa María de Guadalupe could represent musical notation. The place the stars on a partiture and gave it to a pianist to interpret. Later on, it was arranged. It sounds beautiful and haunting.

There seems to be no end to the marvels contained in the humble tilma of San Juan Diego. Even more recently the image of Juan Diego has been found inside the eye of the tiny figure of Bishop Juan de Zumarraga reflected in the eyes of Our Lady. A tiny reflection within an even tinier reflection. How can science possibly ignore these marvels? I haven’t seen any of these on the front page of any newspaper lately!

GAROL-cover-smallBack to the book … Guadalupe – A River of Life is only intended to whet your appetite for the mysteries of faith. I am convinced we are very close to an extraordinary event of divine origin. What is it? When is it going to happen? I wish I had an answer to those questions. I can see the signs thickening as the world seems to balance perilously at the edge of the abyss, perhaps you are also seeing the signs.

Luke 12:37 — Blessed are those servants, whom the Lord when he cometh, shall find watching. Amen, I say to you, that he will gird himself, and make them sit down to meat, and passing will minister unto them. (Douay Rheims Bible)

Guadalupe – A River of Life is available in Kindle format and also as a printed edition.