Carlos Caso-Rosendi

The last week of April/first week of May was truly strange here. The weather is stuck somewhere between muggy summer and autumn. It has been raining a lot, and I had some celestial visit –I think– the last 1st of May, just as a friend of mine moved to Buenos Aires. She is recently retired, she also lost her husband of many years, and had to go through some serious surgery—all at once. Her first name is the Spanish word for a flower that is normally represented next to the images of St Joseph, also called “white lilies” in English. Those flowers are a symbol of St Joseph’s purity.

May 1st is a holiday here and I was on my way to do some carpentry on my friend’s apartment but  somehow, I got lost. It was early in the day but due to the holiday, the streets were deserted. As I was walking down Figueroa St I saw a humble man, dressed very modestly.  I asked him for directions and he was quite knowledgeable. I walked along with him as he showed me the way. We struck up a casual conversation, he told me he was homeless but trying to stay alive. He was dressed neatly with clean but very worn clothes. I asked him if he believed in God and he assented. So  I referred him to a ministry for homeless men in St Joseph’s parish. He thanked me kindly. As we parted ways, I assured him of my prayers and asked him what was his name. He said  “my name is Giglio” pronouncing the last word in perfect Italian (pron.gee-lee-oh). I never knew any man with that name. I have known girls called Gigliola, (pron. gee-lee-oh-lah) a common name in Italy but never someone called Giglio. I thought that was odd. About an hour later I was thinking of that and I realized suddenly that “giglio” is the name of a flower in Italian, the traditional white lilies of St Joseph and … May 1st is the feast of St Joseph the Worker! So the triple coincidence—my friend’s name, the name of that poor man on the street, and the fact that I casually referred the man to St Joseph—struck me as one of those things that are not coincidental. I have the strong suspicion that I received a surprise visit from St Joseph. Besides, judging by other times he has appeared in history, that is exactly his style. Add also the fact that I was doing some carpentry for my friend that morning and St Joseph is a carpenter.

I believe this visit was a prelude, and an assurance from the realms beyond that all is under control. I have been praying a long time for the end of this torture. I know God does not allow people to be tried beyond what they can bear, and I know I am now pretty close to the limit of what I can bear. By Friday, I had yet another visit.



Of course, the forces of evil were not going to leave that small miracle unmatched… The Argentine judicial system came to my door yesterday morning, May 4. A certain “notifying officer” (last name: Crespo) came here with a lady who said she was part of the “Ministerio Público” (equivalent to the Office of the Public Defender in the U.S.) Her name, in the card I was given  is: Marcela Andrea Soneira.  They kept me there at the front door, they tried all kinds of verbal reptilian tricks, and asked me to sign a paper that was a crude handwritten note declaring that I live where I live (???) Verifying the obvious: first one lawyer tries to evict me from my domicile –my property– and later another lawyer comes to verify if I really live in the exact same place they tried illegally to evict me months ago. Brilliant!

My visitors asked all kinds of things. It is obvious that this was their first step on some kind of up and coming judicial aggression. I bet I will be accused of something soon, any of the Kafkaesque “crimes” the Argentine justice system has in its bag of tricks.  I don’t know what they were looking for but apparently they had a search warrant: a search warrant! — See the posted image above — Notice that the paper lacks the normal official header. This could very well be a completely bogus document. In fact, nearly anyone with a computer could reproduce it in a matter of minutes. Notice also that warrant is part of the lawsuit to declare my sister legally incapacitated. She was interned 10 years ago, and now the judicial geniuses finally got around to check what ever happened to the properties she holds in common with her siblings — this is done supposedly by a justice system concerned with addressing the needs of women — In those ten years, the brother that is causing all these troubles — who has appropriated my father’s pension and is currently dedicated full-time to squandering it — managed to destroy one condo (see photos) and provides no account of what he is doing with the patrimony of his sister. Moreover, he has sued his incapacitated sister, and tried most obviously to deprive her from her rightful inheritance in two different lawsuits (docket numbers: J. 51 EXP 191828/2014, and J. 60 EXP 191828/2014) while at the same time displaying a blatantly aggressive behavior against neighbors, relatives, a good part of such behavior documented by police, i.e. more than 140 threatening text messages … and no one involved in any official capacity cares. Believe me, folks: this is a travesty of such proportions that it calls into question the ability of the judges involved to hold office. There is a “Consejo de la Magistratura,” an organism charged with controlling how judges perform their duties. I wonder if they would have any interest in looking into these bizarre miscarriages of justice. (I am laughing out loud at my own naivete.)

Investments, anyone? (crickets …)

Strangely, this is the judicial system of a country in dire need of foreign investment. There are people out there interested in investing in Argentina’s untapped potential and enormous natural resources but the judicial system is a big impediment, if not the largest. The system is a turnstile for criminals that hardly ever see the inside of a jail while functionaries live lives suspiciously above their means. Contracts are as good as the paper they are written on,  there is no constitutional right to a speedy trial, and a simple dispute can linger in court for decades. We have judges that are easy to blackmail due to their participation in dubious activities, etc. Who would invest in a country with tribunals filled with crooks and perverts?

Just as one wonders why Gen. Flynn was capriciously prosecuted in the U.S. for “lying” while several politicians of the opposite persuasion get a free pass —a shame and a soiled page in the history of the American Republic— here, a man who ‘allegedly’ but very clearly pocketed 8 billion US dollars in tax retentions is basically walking without suffering any punishment or injury—and is allowed to keep the money—the lawsuit is several years old by now and it is by no means exceptional. The whole world has been watching that farce and wondering how in the world anyone with a brain would invest a rusty dime here. Strange justice system we have, they seem to be working hard for the detriment of everyone. In the long run they are working against their own interest. No amount of money and property will survive when we reach Chaos City. No Constitution works when only crooks are in place and here, the biggest crooks are on the left of the political spectrum, oh, surprise!

In my case, I keep informing the few authorities that are still functioning properly. They are obviously acting to correct this. In the meanwhile, I may be temporarily imprisoned, end up ‘desaparecido’, starve to death, or may be I will be shot and join the thousands of people murdered as another statistic but I had the promise of Giglio (or was it St Joseph?) who said he was going to pray for me. I bet horse, boots, and pistol that one prayer of St Joseph is more powerful that all the crooks that ever lived in this forsaken land of the insane.

A little known prophecy by St Luigi Orione


The image above was provided to me by the late Giorgio Sernani, a great Argentine Marian scholar, and a friend of both Fr Peyton and St John Paul II. It is a photocopy of a number of notes, hastily taken by a lady who was sitting near St Luigi Orione during a dinner to commemorate the first anniversary of the International  Eucharistic Congress of 1934. Orione interrupted his normal conversation and appeared to go into “prophecy mode” of sorts talking for a few minutes about events still to come. That lady took notes of the saint’s words on the back of a religious pamphlet she had at hand. The prophetic statement may very well apply to these times we are living. You won’t see this in any other blog, folks!


[Left side of the image, a few words are illegible] “Compendium of six clauses given in the prophecies of Don Orione, pronounced in February 1935.

  1. I see a dramatic persecution of the Church.
  2. Profanation and destruction of the temples in [Buenos Aires] .
  3. One day the blood will run (a tragic day for the whole country.)
  4. Death of the [Archbishop of Buenos Aires], priests, nuns, and religious assassinated.
  5. Fall of the worshiped mud idols (the President persecutor will be hanged along with several of his ilk.)
  6. Salvation will come like a flash from the center of the Argentine Republic,

and from all that blood and putrefaction a flower will grow. [To right side of the image] ‘A thriving Christian Argentina —  Peace and happiness will be reborn for a feast of the Virgin Most Holy, and a Catholic civilian man will govern the country brilliantly while an excelsior Bishop will reign over the souls for many years, because the Lord has remembered this country where one night the International Eucharistic Congress of 1934 was celebrated.'”

[Top right side of the image] “Words from Don Orione, more or less verbatim.”

I include this little known set of brief prophetic statements because I believe the destruction of the temples on June 16, 1955 — blamed on the Communists by Juan D. Perón — fulfilled the second prediction. The rest is unclear to me but I like the hopeful idea that one day Argentina will return to its senses and will become a true Christian country.

The fever of corruption — in my opinion — has not reached its peak, although it may be very close to that level. There are many men and women that have had enough of the farce — in particular they are tired of the collectivist alliance of Peronists, plus Communists, Socialists, and the left in general. These last are atomized in a number of small irrelevant but vociferous parties that do not amount to more than 3% of the voting public. Technology and communications are changing the world while the Argentine body politic clings to ideas that were already obsolete in 1916 when the nightmare began. Perhaps the ominous events described by Don Bosco are about to happen. Personally, I don’t want to hang around to see them unfold from first row.

Our Lady of Luján – Patroness of Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay