It was reported recently that the City of Charlottesville, Virginia, has decided to eliminate a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that stood in a city park for nearly 100 years. Allow me to remind you that the ancestral property of the Lee family was expropriated  and became Arlington National Memorial Cemetery, in Fairfax Co. where so many American heroes repose.

In a three to two vote, the Charlottesville Supreme Soviet City Council decided to remove the statue memorializing the Confederate Commander in the city’s Robert E. Lee Park. The Soviet Community leaders also promised to change the name of the park.

The final anti-Lee vote was cast by Comrade Councilman Bob Fenwick who said afterward, “There is not just one way to honor history. Particularly at the expense of our neighbors.” To contact him you can send an e-mail to the Clerk of Council, or mail a letter to P.O. Box 911, City Hall, Charlottesville, VA, 22902, or call (434) 970-3113. The mame of the Mayor Commissar is Mike Signer and the People’s Secretariat Counselor is Kathy Galvin. They all plan to blow $300,000 at the expense of taxpayers to achieve this despicable act of desecration. Not everyone in the Popular Democratic Republic of Charlottesville agrees with them. Let us pray and help those locals who oppose this abominable action.

Erasing Confederate history is one of the many activities financed by “new world order” globalist financiers who have many friends and admirers in Charlottesville. I am sure the bravery, military genius, and plain honorable manly virtues of Robert E. Lee bothers those spineless little maggots.

From this modest blog I am calling for prayers to save the statue of this great Virginian so it can be relocated to a deserving community in the Commonwealth. I know some of my readers are wealthy, some of them also reside in the Southern United States. I ask you to prayerfully consider contacting the city of shame and offer them to buy the statue or finance the relocation to another site. Perhaps one of you could gather a group of friends of like wealth to create a non-profit organization to honor Robert E. Lee’s memory by saving his effigy from desecration.

It was September 12, 2001 when I received a phone call from a female teacher of the University of Virginia. She was calling me from Cooke Hall giddy with excitement because the “capitalists” had received a “death blow”. You see that person -whose house was also used as a stopover for groups of Mexican nationals being smuggled into the country- believed that because of my being born south of the border I was automatically a property of the Democratic Party and the “destroy America” gang. Until that moment I had limited myself to roll my eyes and dismiss her comments as the usual leftist baloney. That September 12 was different, I simply could not find enough insults to hurl at her since at that moment I had friends and clients whom I did not know for sure if they had perished in the attacks. That was when I realized the damage that “academics” like that wretch are causing. They have been perverting our youth with their venom for decades. The shameful city of Charlottesville is filled with them.

Let us pray that General Lee is taken out of that place and moved somewhere where his memory is cherished and honored. Finally, look into the eyes of Gen. Lee in this photograph, possibly the last taken of him in his uniform. Look into the soul of that man and compare his noble gaze with the likes of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and others like them. I know you will see the same greatness I am seeing.



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  1. This has been a very sore point with me. One Wes Bellamy who hails from the sweet state of Georgia, took it upon himself to be the spokesperson (read that “rabble rouser”) on behalf of Charlottesville Afro Americans and called for the removal of ‘ Charlottesville’s shameful treatment of blacks’. Mr. Bellamy is better off being sent back to Georgia and leave what was once a very peaceful happy town that got along. Bellamy got fired from his teaching position at Albemarle High School, and was threatened to be removed from his seat at City Council. It turns out that Bellamy had a series of disgustingly anti-white tweets and racist comments made years ago, showing what kind of a person he is. Sadly. Bob Fenwick voted to keep him on the council, stating that these were old tweets and that Bellamy was now a changed man. Suffice to say that this low life rabble rouser is still among us, and no thanks to him, the statue of Lee among others will be removed from Lee Park. I understand that the statue will be relocated to a new testing Place in McIntyre Park.

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    • Dear Charlottesvillian, thank you for your insights. I do not remember the least racial tension when I was living in Charlottesville in the 90’s neither in the 2000-2006 period that I resided there. I had neighbors of all colors some of them are still my friends, there were troublemakers back then but no one gave them the hour of the day. Liberals abounded, especially among UVA staff. That must be the largest collection of low-brow fools I have ever seen in one town. Hang in there… we’re praying for this situation to be resolved. Fenwick and Bellamy have to be made an example so no one tries that kind of tomfoolery anymore.

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  2. To dishonor General Robert E. Lee is one of the most disgusting acts I’ve seen recently. I may be a Northern by birth, by I’m a Southern at heart! General Lee’s heroism, bravery, gentle-manly behavior, & deep, deep love for our nation has never been surpassed! We are in truly desperate need of many more great heroes like him to turn this nation back to its Godly roots & teach men how to be REAL men! Thanks for letting us know about this atrocity, Carlos! Will be contacting the perpetrators! Charlottesville is sounding like it belongs in Minnesota, not Virginia!

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  3. Sue,

    Just when one thinks that Charlottesville cannot fall any lower, they reach a new low. The made-up rapes in campus –a complete fabrication– were low, the lowbrow leftist teacher at UVA that celebrated the fall of the towers in NYC, and so many other anecdotal experiences I had just made me despise that city. They don’t belong in Minnesota either, they belong in Hell, in the Hall Fame of Shame. They are not Virginians for sure, they are nothing, not even human beings.

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    • Carlos, they are human beings. This is what human beings are capable of. It is reminiscent of Mao’s ‘Cultural Revolution’, with it’s satanic desire to wipe out the past.

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      • I lived for a few years in C-ville. It is quite filled with human monsters of various kinds, and of course many good people that have no other option but suffer them. I could not live there now. I detest that little town after this move. The whole affair brought back many memories.

        You are right. There are many parallels with the cultural revolution in China. I know people that went through it. Mao was a monster too.

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